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Renegade by Anna Schmidt


Coming June of 2019

Cowboys and Harvey Girls

My new Western series is centered around the Harvey Girls – young women from the East and Midwest who answered an ad for waitressing on the frontier, and left home and family to follow their hearts.

In the late 1800’s a young freight agent working for the railroad spotted an opportunity to change the service side of travel. As more travelers headed West, Fred Harvey saw the need for making the experience more enjoyable and less tedious. He established a chain of “eating houses” along the Santa Fe Trail route, serving good food at reasonable prices in comfortable surroundings. Perhaps his most innovative idea was to hire and train a core of young, single, intelligent women who were also of “good character,” and, sought the adventure that came with traveling to frontier towns where they would live in company housing and staff Harvey’s popular lunch counters and dining rooms.

The Harvey Girls not only contributed to the success of Fred Harvey (and later his son and grandson), but they are generally credited with bringing a new civility to the West. In these early days, aside from mothers, sisters and saloon hall girls of questionable reputation, the Harvey Girls were young, attractive and lived under the strict rule of the Harvey Company’s rules for conduct. Many a cowboy or railway worker frequented the local Harvey house as much for a chance to see a pretty smile as to eat a good meal.



Schmidt (the Last Chance Cowboys series) builds this middling romantic western around strong and plucky farm girl Grace Rogers, who travels to New Mexico to become a Harvey Girl, one of the first waitresses of the Old West. On her way there, she meets Nick Hopkins, a handsome rancher. Harvey Girls aren’t allowed to be married, and Grace wants to send money home to her family, but the promise of romance tempts her all the same. Descriptions of Grace’s job are the novel’s high points, and readers who have worked in restaurants will be able to connect with her plights, such as fending off rude customers and having to learn the job on the fly. Though the romantic plot has a bit of a lackluster start, it develops well. Readers may have to suspend their disbelief when the story acquires a third layer involving attempted rape and murder, and Grace’s career falls somewhat by the wayside, but it’s easy to identify with Grace’s yearning for money, happiness, adventure, independence, and love. Easygoing western romance readers will cheer for this good-hearted heroine to achieve all her dreams. Agent: Natasha Kern, Natasha Kern Literary. (Jan.)
~ Publishers Weekly – October 1, 2018

Schmidt brings the Wild West to life with her newest series Cowboys & Harvey Girls.
~ October 2018

Schmidt brings the Wild West to life in her new Cowboys & Harvey Girls series. Readers will join Grace Rogers as she embarks on a great adventure, leaving her family behind in Missouri, to start a new life with the esteemed Fred Harvey Company. As a Harvey Girl, Grace is expected to be a stalwart example of respectability and innocence — certainly not the sort of woman who would get involved with a cowboy. While traveling to her new post in Juniper, New Mexico, Grace meets a charming, handsome stranger on the train who might derail her carefully laid plans. Nick Hopkins is living his dream as a foreman on a successful ranch when he and Grace meet. The two quickly become friends and maybe something more until the local high-powered attorney, Mr. Perkins, sets his sights on Grace. Will Perkins’ lust destroy the future happiness of Grace and Nick? Schmidt’s engaging historical romance will have readers asking for more. This is a perfect story for fans of Mary Connealy and Margaret Brownley.
~ Shoshana Frank, Booklist – November 2018

This is a very new author to me and I must say I will defiantly be checking out her others books after reading this lovely historical romance. I found the writing style to be great with the story flowing well to keep me interested and glued to each chapter. Four Stars
~ Ann-Maree-Howarth, GoodReads – January 2019

An emotional, engaging romance – a great start to a new series I had fun with this story. A loving couple, one nasty villain, new adventures, danger to be faced and true love to be found. What’s not to enjoy about all that? If you love Western Historical Romance then you’ll want to get started on this new series. I would not hesitate to recommend it, you’ll find interesting characters, intriguing situations, and an enjoyable story. Four Stars. Read more…
~ Marsha @ Keeper Bookshelf – January 4, 2019

Anna Schmidt is a new to me author and I can’t wait to read more not only in the Cowboys & Harvey Girls series but many of her other books too! I’m looking forward to reading Renegade and catching up with the Harvey Girls and the other characters we’ve met. Four Stars. Read more…
~ Romancing the Book – January 4th, 2019

Grace and Nick are partners in the best sense of the term, and the wild west is brought vividly to life in this sweet, but still quite sexy, American historical. Five Stars
~ Clara Shipman – January 2019

Easygoing western romance readers will cheer for this good-hearted heroine to achieve all her dreams.
~ Publisher’s Weekly – January 2019

Anna Schmidt never fails at delivering a knock out read that simply captivates.
~ GoodReads – March 2019

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