Suddenly the mornings are a little cooler, the colors in the garden a little more muted, and the days a little shorter. Fall is on its way. I’ve spent a good part of the summer writing—working on a new WWII bio-fiction novel about a woman named Monica Beresford Wichfeld who fought for the Danish Resistance during the war. Hers is a fascinating story and I look forward to getting it out there for you to read!

I also started a memoir based on the six months before my husband died and my first year of widowhood. I am nearly a decade past that now, but there are pieces of it that are still as fresh (and painful) as they were back then. Again, I am looking for the best possible way to make this available to readers, so stay tuned.

All that work has been a blessing during this pandemic. The other blessing has been ZOOM—I am a big fan and frequent user of this tool that allows me to me face-to-face with friends, family and fellow writers. And while my heart breaks for our young people having to forego passages such as graduations and the start of college and such, my prayer is that this is the worst thing they ever have to face in their lives. Working on Monica’s story and my memoir, I am keenly aware that things could be (and for me have been) ever so much worse.

My thanks to all of you who have read my Cowboys & Harvey Girls series. It was such fun to research and write, and I was especially delighted to be able to bring three incredibly strong women to life. And readers continue to let me know that THE WINTERKEEPER is a true page-turner and perfect for curling up with a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate on this cooler nights.

Until next time, stay safe (WEAR THAT MASK!) and let me hear from you from time to time!

All best,

Q & A with Anna - Click here

1. You are the author of over 40 novels and novellas. Is there a theme that runs through all your novels or a message you wish to communicate?

A: Empathy, unity, and power of diversity are our core strengths as human beings and these qualities are what I am constantly exploring in my novels.

2. Tell us about some of the people who have shaped your writing journey.

A: When I was a kid, my Dad managed a movie theater, so I went to the movies a lot. Even after we moved, and my dad went into another line of work, movies were our preferred entertainment. As I teenager I collected the cast recordings of every Broadway musical and then when I was a junior in college, I spent the summer in NYC at a theater program. I went on to get my masters in Theater Arts. As a result, I write as if my characters are actors on the screen or stage.

3. Can you provide us with some insight into your writing routine?

A: I am constantly writing. If there is one unique thing about my style, it is that I love doing research and for me everything is research — music, books, overheard conversations – it’s all fodder for the mill. Something else that is a bit unique to my ‘routine’ — I love chaos. I write in public places surrounded by people; I love the action and the voices and the snatches of conversation.

4. What advice would you give aspiring writers?

A: Read! Read! Read! And please, diversify your reading. Step outside your box!

5. What’s next on the horizon for you?

A: I have been writing genre fiction (romance, Westerns and inspirationals) for some time now. Recently I finished the manuscript for my first true ‘mainstream’ novel — a coming of age story about a ‘winter keeper’ in Yellowstone National Park in the 1930’s. In addition, 2019 will see the publication of the first two stories in my COWBOYS AND HARVEY GIRLS series. These stories were great fun to research and wrote and I hope readers will enjoy this trio of feisty women who — along with their Harvey Girl sisters — changed the West!

The author draws us into the life of a small western town and the cold of Yellowstone Park in winter, both with predators and allies in unexpected places. The storytelling and scene building are masterful and create an immediacy that keeps the reader turning pages. This is a writer who feels words as well as thinking them. Read more…

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The writing style is conversational, the tone dramatic and the characters are not only relatable but also endearing – just the right combination for a young adult novel. There is nothing I didn’t enjoy in this touching novel. Read more…

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